The space called “Le Séchoir du Ried” refers to a dwelling on the property of 71 rue de la division Leclerc in Rossfeld, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Tavernier. The respect of the interior rules of the space called “Le Séchoir du Ried” is obligatory within the framework of the lease. Failure to comply with these rules may result in penalties, such as deductions from the security deposit.


All guests (and all visitors) must comply with the rules and any other instructions provided by the owners Mr. or Mrs. TAVERNIER during the stay.

Guests must inform the owners of any incident or complaint from the neighborhood as soon as possible.
This rental is suitable for children and babies. The hosts are fully and in all circumstances responsible for the supervision, the safety of their children as well as any disturbance caused to the neighborhood.

Les hôtes ont le droit de faire dormir à leurs côtés dans la propriété 2 bébés maximum (jusqu’à 4 ans) dans un lit pliant dit “parapluie” (fourni par leurs soins), sans supplément de frais, en le signalant aux propriétaires.


Guests and visitors should make as little noise as possible so as not to disturb residents of neighboring properties, especially during legal rest periods in the village (from 10pm to 9am, as well as on Sundays and public holidays), as well as upon arrival and departure.

Noise nuisance is prohibited at any time and may result in termination of the rental agreement, eviction, loss of expenses incurred and deductions on the deposit.

Hosts and their potential visitors should not adopt any antisocial behavior. They are asked to minimize their impact on neighborhood and neighborhood residents.


Guests are allowed to invite a maximum of 4 visitors during their stay. The total number of people in the property must in no case exceed six (6) people during the day and four (4) to sleep. Can possibly be added two (2) babies, see point 1 / d.

Guests are responsible for ensuring that the maximum number of visitors is not exceeded, and that visitors comply with the rules of procedure.

Guests wishing to invite guests to spend the night in the rented property must inform the owners at the time of booking or at least before the night in question.

In no case, guests or their visitors are allowed to sleep outside or in the garden.


It is strictly forbidden to organize parties or any other type of large gathering in the property.

Any assembly in a small committee must be done in accordance with the other rules stipulated in this by-law, in particular regarding the noise, the neighborhood and the number of authorized visitors.


Hosts and visitors must comply with local parking regulations (respect alternating right and left side of the street depending on the date of the month), as well as the conditions listed below, and are requested to demonstrate consideration for neighbors and other vehicles.

The parking at the property “Le Séchoir du Ried” is carried out as follows:

• Parking is free 24/24 all year round in the property or on the street.
• A car can park under the part of the dryer provided for this purpose (max height: 2m) Access is protected by the gate of the property which is locked at night.
• One or more cars may park in the Leclerc division street, subject to available space and without obstructing the entrances to the neighborhood.
• In no case and at any time, access to the fire pit located along a part of the property (materialized by stone blocks and a sign) should not be hindered.


Guests and their visitors are required to dispose of their garbage and waste for recycling in the appropriate bins and in accordance with the procedure in force at Le Séchoir du Ried (detailed below and in the attached sorting documents).

Whether you have taken out the cleaning option or not, please leave your garbage in the apartment when you leave. We will take care of closing them and taking them out for you.

For all the rest and to facilitate sorting and evacuation of your waste, you will find several bins and garbage cans available in front of the cars:
• Waste bin for empty glass bottles and jars (without cap)
• Waste bin for plastic caps and plugs
• Trash for other particular waste (bulbs, broken glass, …)
• Trash can for your batteries

A small compost bin for food waste is present in the apartment.
When you leave, simply put it on the terrace or empty it on the compost pile as indicated by the owners.

Les détritus ne doivent en aucun cas être laissés dans une zone publique, dans les parties communes ou ailleurs dans la propriété.


Whenever guests leave Le Séchoir du Ried, they are required to ensure that all windows and doors are closed and / or locked in order to maintain the security of the dwelling and to prevent potential damage from wind or rain. rain. The portal overlooking the street must also be locked for the night.

In order to save energy and ensure the safety of the place, guests must turn off lights, fans, blower heaters, electronic devices (television), household appliances (electric plate, oven, hood …) when they are not used and especially when the guests are absent.

The candles must not be lit elsewhere than in the tealights provided for this purpose and must never be left unattended.
The bedroom has a coded combination safe set in the dressing room. Only the hosts will know the combination that will be personal to them. The owners will have no access to this safe during the stay of guests. At the departure of the hosts, the chest will have to be empty and absolutely left open.

Failure to comply with this clause may result in a deduction from the security deposit.


The pool can only be used between 9am and 10pm. Outside these hours, it will be necessary to ask the owners.
The pool is equipped with a safety sheet in force, it is not surrounded by barriers and is fully accessible when it is released. If you have reserved access to the pool, we do not accept any responsibility for the supervision of your children or any accident that may result from a lack of supervision when the pool is open.

The pool linen is to be provided by you, thank you not to bring the towels provided and provided for the bathroom, around the pool. For safety reasons, the use of glasses, cans or bottles is prohibited in or around the pool.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in a fine on the deposit.

Please note that our swimming pool is private but will not be exclusively reserved for the duration of your stay so that the owners can enjoy it as well.


Guests must supervise babies and children at all times when leaving the home. Some parts of the property and its equipment may present dangers for young children if they are unattended (wood shed, swimming pool, greenhouse, stairs, low walls, stakes, toxic plants and fruits …). It is your responsibility to monitor them to ensure their safety.

The dishes of the apartment can be brought on the terrace but not in the garden.

In summer, the outdoor sofa is equipped with cushions dedicated thank you not to use others. The plaids should not be taken to the garden, they can be taken to the terrace but not left on the ground.

The terrace is equipped with an outdoor light. In order to save energy, guests must turn off this light when not in use (especially during the night) and especially when guests are absent.

The flowers, plants and fruits of the garden should not be cut, picked or damaged by guests.

Please note that for the duration of your stay, the owners continue to enjoy the garden and the pool but the terrace of the apartment is exclusively reserved for you.


Guests are not allowed to smoke or “vapot” indoors in le Séchoir du Ried.

However, it is possible to smoke on the terrace (please make sure not to smoke inside). Hosts must dispose of their butts properly by placing them perfectly off in the ashtray provided outside.

The ashtray must be left outside. Under no circumstances should cigarette butts be thrown into the property or plant pots. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a deduction from the security deposit.

When guests leave, the ashtray must be emptied (all butts must be completely extinguished) in the non-recyclable garbage bin and the ashtray washed as dishwashing.

11. PETS

To prevent any risk of allergies for our guests, pets (cats, dogs, rodents, …) are not accepted inside the apartment.

It is possible, and only very exceptionally with the agreement of the owners, that a dog is accepted with the hosts if the animal is on a leash and can sleep in a vehicle or attached to the terrace.

The guests undertake not to allow the animal to enter the accommodation under any circumstances. The hosts undertake that the animal does not cause any damage to the property, nor any noise nuisance at any time of the day or night.

All droppings will be picked up by the hosts. The hosts are entirely responsible for their animal, its surveillance, it can not be imputed to the owners a leak or any accident related to this animal during his stay at Le Séchoir du Ried.


Any broken object and any damage caused must be reported to the owners as soon as possible. Non-reporting may result in a deduction from the security deposit.

To avoid breakage and damage furniture should not be moved from one room to another or on the terrace without prior agreement.

Towels, rags, throws and cushions must not leave the property.

All utensils, household appliances and dishes in the apartment should not be brought around or in the pool. They can be taken out on the terrace.

All equipment and dishes available should be left empty, clean and tidy departing hosts even if they have subscribed the household option.

All equipment made available to guests can not be taken on their departure. It is the same with all the decoration of the place and any object whatever it is the exclusive property of the owners of the Séchoir du Ried.

An exhaustive list of all the material present and available in the Dryer of the Ried at the arrival of the hosts is annexed to this regulation. Any object or material missing from the hosts may result in a deduction on the deposit.

If guests are interested in the paintings on the walls or the art book about Jacky Horses presented in the library, it will be appropriate to talk with the owners who will then offer you a sale price.


The dishes are not part of the cleaning option: even having paid for not having to do the housework, the hosts must, at their departure, leave all the equipment and dishes that they used empty, clean and tidy.

If the hosts have not subscribed the cleaning option, it is up to them to do so before leaving le Séchoir du Ried.

It is expected to be done in the following way:
Bathroom: Washbasin, shower, toilet, tooth glass cleaner
Closed trash can and thrown into the trash bag of non-recyclable kitchen trash
The linen used must be placed on the closed toilet.
Kitchen: Sink, worktop, electric plate, bar table, fridge
Dishes and household utensils (including coffee maker) emptied, clean, dried and stored.
Waste bins and waste: See part n ° 6: waste and selective sorting
Beds: Linen removed and put on the big bed of the room
Sofa bed delivered in its sofa
Salon: Books, magazines, games and office equipment stored.
Soils: The vacuum cleaner must be moved throughout the dwelling and the floors must be clean.
In case of a stain on the ground, thank you to spend only a sponge or mop and report it to the owners as soon as possible.


The following rules apply to the delivery of keys, security, cleaning from the hosts:

Guests must have left the accommodation before noon (noon) the day after the last evening of rental.

If you have not subscribed the cleaning option, it must be done according to article n ° 13: HOUSEHOLD

All material should be returned to the extent possible where the hosts have found it.

Candles, lights and all electrical equipment (except wall heaters and dry towel) must be extinguished.

The doors, bay window and windows must be closed. The entrance door must be locked (including lock).


or in the event of an emergency related to Le Séchoir du Ried, your points of contact are:
• Fred TAVERNIER 06 744 18 722
• Noémie CHEVAUX-TAVERNIER 06 32 35 38 29
• Fred et Noémie, poste fixe maison : 09 62 58 15 12

Other emergency numbers:
• SAMU (emergency medical help service) 15
• Emergency number for the deaf and hard of hearing 114


The violation of any rule included in these internal regulations constitutes a violation of the general conditions of occupation in accordance with the lease agreement.

The owners reserve the right to terminate the occupancy permit and expel from the property any guest or visitor refusing to respect the by-laws or causing nuisances disturbing neighbors or owners.

In case of default or expulsion, no refund can be made by the owners; A deduction from the security deposit can be made in case of a problem noted by the owners.